Behind deforestation is the need for land of vulnerable communities and the ranching plan of landowners. Meanwhile, military actions attack impoverished communities and large-scale deforestation continues to destroy the jungle without control. Communities propose alternatives and want to be heard.

Peasants and the Environment, Victims of State Disarray

Land use and tenure is critical in this Caquetá municipality: hundreds of rural workers lack land titles, the state has turned its back on formalization, and deforestation advances uncontrolled amidst land grabbing for private interests.

Deforestation: jail for farmers and free rein for big cattle ranchers

The national government’s actions have hundreds of families in Cartagena del Chairá and thousands more across the Amazon region on edge. Middle and Lower Caguán leaders complain that the security forces’ accomplishments are increasing the number of judicial “false positives.” Meanwhile, landowners’ capital is unrestrainedly encroaching on the jungle.

Peasant’s hands seek to conserve the Amazon

Despite being labelled as the biggest forest deforesters, farmers in Cartagena del Chairá are proposing alternatives to stop deforestation. Many people want to stay on their farms and protect the forests if they can find viable economic solutions. Some have already begun on this path, but they are in desperate need of assistance.


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